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The Witch Doctor


The Witch Doctor is a native shaman from an unidentified tribe of natives on a nearby island. His true name is unknown, but he arrives on the island and uses dolls made to resemble the castaways and personal belongings to cast spells on them. He takes Gilligan's rabbit foot, the Skipper's hair, Mr. Howell's wallet, Mrs. Howell's lipstick, scarves from Ginger and Mary Ann and the Professor's pocket knife. Through these objects, he sticks pins in the castaways, bounces Gilligan around, burns their feet and finally places the Professor in a trance for mocking him, which suggests he understands English. Gilligan, however, retrieves the dolls and stolen possessions, breaking the spell on the Professor and using a needle to jab the Witch Doctor, driving him off the island, despite the Skipper's skepticism. It is unrevealed if the Witch Doctor was any relation to Haruki who he resembles.