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"Water Water Everywhere"
Season 1, Episode 14
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A drought hits the island, and the Castaways scramble to find fresh water.
Basic Info
Air Date: January 2, 1965
Written By: Tom and Frank Waldman
Directed By: Stanley Z. Cherry
Guest Cast: ???
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Water, Water Everywhere is the 14th episode of Gilligan's Island, and the 14th episode of the first season. It first aired January 2, 1965.


The Professor has built a pedal-powered water wheel for a breadfruit garden, but while Gilligan is pedaling it, he realizes that the garden isn't getting water. When he investigates, he discovers their freshwater spring has dried up, leaving the Castaways without water. Gilligan rushes to tell everyone, stopping Ginger in the middle of a shower and forgetting what he was trying to tell her, but remembering when the Skipper tries to wash the mud off him. The predicament leads to a serious rationing of fresh water. Everyone's personal water supplies are placed into a large community container, but when the Skipper suggests using a divining rod to find a fresh supply of water, the Professor scoffs at the idea until everyone discovers Mr. Howell is hoarding water in his personal ankle water flask. That night, as Gilligan is watching the community water container, both the girls and the Howells distract him to try and sneak water back, but they're both caught by the Skipper who learns Gilligan has created another divining rod. When the Skipper wants to see it, Gilligan jerks it away, puncturing the community water and leaving no water for anyone. The next morning, everyone is mad at him. The Professor and Skipper start digging a well in hopes of finding water and are so disgusted with him that they're no longer speaking to him. Meanwhile, the girls are creating a tarp to catch dew for water, and the Howells are attempting a rain dance. Feeling he's no longer appreciated, Gilligan decides to leave camp, but while writing his note, a frog jumps on to the table. Realizing it's wet, Gilligan follows it into the jungle and stumbles into an underground cave filled with water. Meanwhile, Mary Ann finds his note and tells the Skipper he's missing. During a search, he finds Gilligan's hat near the cave and falls in as well, quickly apologizing to him after finding him safe. Unable to see in the cave, they ask the Howells to toss them matches to light their way, but the Professor tries warning them about subterranean gases just before an explosion occurs, throwing the Skipper and Gilligan out of the cave and into a tree. At dinner, everyone celebrates over a mugful of nice fresh water, but Gilligan believes they should give credit to Froggy, his new best friend.


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  • According to Surviving Gilligan's Island, Ginger's shower scene in this episode attracted the attention of every backstage crewman on the lot trying to get a look of her, but she surprised them by wearing a low cut bikini that suggested she was nude.
  • The Castaways fresh water dries up, but the Professor seems to have conveniently forgotten the waterfall flowing into the Lagoon which would have been an unending source of water.
  • Blooper: Ginger reportedly bites Gilligan without getting the mud covering him on herself.
  • Froggy's voice is created by voice actor Mel Blanc, who was best known as the creative talent behind all of Warner Brothers cast of animated cartoons. In his career, he also voiced Sam The Parrot in New Neighbor Sam, The Raven on "The Munsters" (alternating with actor Bob Hastings) and Twiki on "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."
  • The Skipper's shirt changes from black to grey in the scene with the well.
  • The MeTv airing of this episode cuts out the part where Gilligan talks to Ginger and Mary Ann. The SundanceTV airing cuts out the part where Gilligan talks to Mr. Howell and Mrs. Howell.


  • Ginger - "Would you be a doll and get me that towel over there on the bush?"
    Gilligan - "You mean this little towel?"
    Ginger - "Yeah, come on, bring it over. I won't bite you."
    Gilligan - "You promise you won't bite me?"
    Ginger - "I promise I won't bite you."
    (Gilligan reaches in to hand her a towel then jerking his hand back)
    Gilligan - "Ow! You bit me!"
    Ginger - "Yeah... Aren't I a tease?"

  • (Approaching the shower he thinks has Ginger in it)"
    Skipper - "Here's for one of the loveliest persons on the island."
    Gilligan (emerging) - "Thanks, Skipper. My first corsage. Does that mean we're engaged?"

  • Ginger - "I'm thirsty."
    Mary Ann - "I told you. Concentrate on your sewing. That'll take your mind off of it."
    Ginger - "That's what I did, but sewing reminded me of dresses and dresses reminded me of wool. Wool reminded me of sheep, and sheep reminded me of the mountains. The mountains reminded me of the desert, and the desert made me thirsty again."

  • Ginger - "My goodness. This isn't water. It's my perfume, Mad Desire mixed with Flaming Passion."
    Mary Ann - "Great. I wonder what the men will do when they drink that."
    Ginger - "I don't know, but I'm dying to find out."

  • Skipper - "Now, aren't you all ashamed of yourselves?"
    Mr. Howell - "I'm ashamed we got caught."

  • Mr. Howell - "Good heavens! It's so dry, it's raining dirt!"

  • The Professor - "I saw some shale rock formations where we could dig a well if we all pitch in and help."
    Mr. Howell - "Count me out. When I sink a well, I usually strike oil."
    Mrs. Howell - "Yes, some people have a green thumb. Thurston has an oily one."