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Born August 15, 1924 in New York City, Danny Kega is a tall, deep-voiced American character actor known for a long history of eccentric European characters. He started his theatrical career in 1946, when he appeared in "A Flag is Born" on Broadway, later receiving roles in "Peter Pan," "Oliver" and "Irma LaDouce" before making his debut as the Martian Voldar in the critically panned and MST3k classic, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" in 1964. Despite the terrible film, he became a notable TV actor through the Sixties and Seventies in TV shows such as "Mr Ed," "Gilligan's Island," "Bewitched," "Get Smart," "Daniel Boone," "The Man From UNCLE," "Bonanza," "Time Tunnel," "Lost In Space," "Adam 12" and "The Monkees" before landing roles in the movies, "The Pink Jungle" and "Don't Just Stand There." His later TV appearances included "Ironsides," "Mission: Impossible," "McMillan & Wife" and "Mannix." He also had supporting roles in the movies, "...And Justice for All" and "Vigilante." Afterward, he became president of the New York section of the Screen Actor's Guild. Sadly, he passed away from cancer at the age of 59 on July 24, 1984.