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The Dargent recreated on the island.


The Tour Dargent is an expensive Manhattan restaurant located on West 47nd Street in New York City although Lovey Howell remembers it being in West 52nd Street. It is well-known as a romantic night spot among the wealthy elite. It provides both musical and physical entertainment, including Hollywood talents like Ginger Grant, who performed here early in her career. The location is very special to Lovey as this was where Thurston Howell proposed to her around 1945. Twenty years later, the Castaways recreate the scene in the Howell's Hut with Gilligan as the waiter, the Skipper as the chef, Ginger once more as the entertainment, the Professor as the maitre'd and Mary Ann as the hat check girl.


  • The location of the Tour Dargent is a matter of debate among the Howells, but the Professor announces it as being on West 47th Street.
  • The spelling of the club name is also speculative. Close-captioning for the episode spells it "Tour Dargent," "Tour d'Argent" and "Tour Dar Jon."