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The Volcano


A Volcano is a location on the surface the Earth, which allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape to the surface of the planet. According to the episode, such a shaft exists at the top of a vertical peak on the island, as well as a second possible port beyond palm trees and across a shallow bay. Possibly erupting at infrequent intervals in the island's history, the volcano is predicted by small tremors, flashes of light and bursts of ash into the air, but the Professor is confident that he can extinguish it with an explosive dropped in a cave at the base. However, Gilligan and Ginger get stuck in the steam-filled caves along with the Skipper after them, and the Professor has to rescue them, seconds before his bomb goes off, extinguishing the volcano and creating an underground vacuum that sucks back in the escaping volcanic smoke. Lord Beasley Waterford also visits it in search of the elusive Pussycat Swallowtail.


  • Exploding a bomb will not prevent a volcano from exploding; however, explosions and detonations have been used to re-route lava flows.
  • Since volcanoes occur along the borders of tectonic plates, the location of their volcano likely helps the Skipper and Professor better pinpoint their island's location.
  • It is unrevealed if the volcano caused any ever-lasting effects to the resort Mr. Howell later builds on the island.
  • Tremors on the island also occur in Waiting for Watubi and Ship Ahoax.