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Summary[edit | edit source]

The New Adventures of Gilligan is an animated Saturday morning animated series created by Filmation Studios with Sherwood Schwartz as executive producer and consultant. It aired on ABC from 1974 to 1977, seven years after the last episode of Gilligan's Island. It involved the further adventures of Gilligan and The Castaways, but Ginger was turned into a blonde to avoid litigation with Tina Louise over the rights of her image. The character was further voiced by voice-over actress Jane Webb, since Louise declined to reprise her role as Ginger. Webb also voiced Mary Ann since Dawn Wells had been in a play traveling on the road. She offered to do the part if the producers would pay off the troupe for breaking her contract, but it was decided Wells wanted too much money with that request as well as salary. The rest of the series cast returned to reprise their characters. Following the family-friendly formula of 1970s Saturday morning cartoons, particularly from Filmation's popular series "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids", the studio's staff of writers based each episode on a certain moral, ending with Gilligan and Skipper talking about what they had learned that episode. Many episodes also recycled plots from the original television series. The New Adventures of Gilligan, like many Filmation series at the time, included an adult laugh track. The series was followed by Gilligan's Planet in 1982.

The series was released on DVD for the first time in April 2016.

Theme song[edit | edit source]

To avoid paying royalties to CBS and Sherwood Schwartz over the live-action theme song, Filmation decided to adopt its own variation of the theme by creating a spoken-word song featuring the voices of the cast:

Skipper - "Now listen to this story that we will tell to you."
Ginger - "The story of the Minnow, five passengers and crew."
Professor - " With Gilligan aboard the ship, the Skipper by his side."
Mrs. Howell - "An unexpected storm came up and tossed them with the tide."
Thurston Howell III - "They've found themselves a shipwrecked clan lost on Gilligan's Isle."
Skipper - "Gilligan and Skipper, the Millionaire, his Wife..."
Mary Ann - "...the Movie Star, the Professor and Mary Ann began a brand new life."
Professor - "What creatures they encounter, what riddles did they face?"
Mrs. Howell - "What mysteries did haunt them in a strange but happy place?"
Thurston Howell III - "On the New Adventures of Gilligan."
Everyone - "All on Gilligan's Island!"

Disparities[edit | edit source]

Because The New Adventures of Gilligan was animated in the 1970s where it was specifically intended for younger audiences, there are some major diversions from the original series, including differences in character personalities, plots, and other oddities that were established in the original. Some examples:

  • In this series, Ginger's hair was changed to blonde instead of her natural red. This was primarily due to possible objections between Filmation and Tina Louise over using her likeness in the spin-off.
  • Mrs. Howell is far more incompetent than her live-action self. Although she was portrayed in the original series as proper, poise and unaware of common life, she was relegated to a more submissive, inept, one-dimensional character in the animated series.
  • The Skipper and Gilligan have switched bunks and seem to be enjoying their time on the island.
  • Gilligan befriends a monkey named Stubby, who mostly becomes comic relief for the rest of the castaways.
    • The character of Stubby was most likely inspired by Scooby-Doo, which served as a mascot and template for many shows during the 1970s, especially Hanna-Barbera, who created the character.

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
The New Adventures of Gilligan - Off Limits.jpg Off Limits September 7, 1974 01 1.01
Mr. Howell tricks the other castaways (except the Professor) into building him a private beach club with the promise of membership, but upon completion, he decides that they are not qualified to join. Lovey and he soon grow bored by themselves, and when a typhoon destroys their club, they are forced to re-evaluate their snobbery.
00looney moon.jpg Looney Moon September 14, 1974 02 1.02
Gilligan and the Skipper discover a pirate's treasure chest, and the other castaways all fight over the gold inside. They soon come to believe a pirate ghost is after them, and become paranoid. The Professor uses Gilligan and some glowing paint to trick them and bring them back to their senses.
New adventures01.png Raven Mad September 21, 1974 03 1.03
A large raven carries Gilligan off to feed its hatchlings.
New adventures01.png Father of his Island September 28, 1974 04 1.04
Natives visit the Island and ask who the father of the Island is.
New adventures01.png Wrong Way Robot October 5, 1974 05 1.05
The Professor builds a Robot to help get them rescued.
New adventures01.png Opening Night October 12, 1974 06 1.06
Mr. Howell opens a restaurant on the Island.
New adventures01.png Lollipop Casserole October 19, 1974 07 1.07
Gilligan asks Mary Ann to make a lollipop casserole.
New adventures01.png The Ego Trip
(a.k.a. Kon-Tackly)
October 26, 1974 09 1.08
Mr. Howell's ego gets out of control.
New adventures01.png The Loners November 2, 1974 08 1.09
Tired of everyone borrowing their stuff, the Howells start charging fees for borrowing their stuff.
New adventures01.png The Olympiad November 9, 1974 10 1.10
The Castaways hold their own Olympics with the Professor as referee.
New adventures01.png Their Own Image November 16, 1974 11 1.11
Natives attack the Island.
New adventures01.png The Disappearing Act November 23, 1974 12 1.12
Gilligan disappears and everyone goes looking for him.
New adventures01.png A Sinking Feeling November 30, 1974 13 1.13
Gilligan and Mr. Howell get trapped in quicksand.
New adventures01.png Reluctant Hero December 7, 1974 14 1.14
Gilligan realizes he's no hero.
New adventures01.png The Same Old Dream December 14, 1974 15 1.15
Mary Ann dreams she's married to Gilligan.
New adventures01.png Sputtering Eagle December 21, 1974 16 1.16
A spy lands on the island who turns out to be Ginger's old boyfriend.
New adventures01.png Marooned Again September 6, 1975 17 2.01
The Castaways finally leave the Island, but Gilligan gets them stranded again.
New adventures01.png Live and Let Live September 13, 1975 18 2.02
Gilligan thinks the other castaways plan to kill him.
New adventures01.png Wheels on Parade September 20, 1975 19 2.03
The Howells make Gilligan their butler.
New adventures01.png The Movie-Makers September 27, 1975 20 2.04
Film-makers land on the island to make a movie.
New adventures01.png Silence Is Leaden October 4, 1975 21 2.05
The Castaways have a "No Talking" contest to see who can go without talking the longest.
New adventures01.png The Great Train Robbery October 11, 1975 22 2.06
Someone is stealing supplies from the Supply Hut.
New adventures01.png Moderation October 18, 1975 23 2.07
The Castaways try moderation to stretch their food.
New adventures01.png Super Gilligan December 7, 1975 24 2.08
Gilligan gets super-powers from a radioactive banana.
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