The Eligibles was a Sixties pop vocal group from Renton, Washington formed by Stan Farber (first tenor), Ron Hicklin (second tenor), Ron Rolla (bass) and Bob Zwirn (baritone). Not much is known about their careers, but in 1959 and 1960, they recorded for Capitol Records four singles present in the Jeff Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide, "I Wrote A Song/Car Trouble" in 1959, "24 Hours/Faker Faker" in 1960, "My First Christmas With You/Little Engine" in 1960 and "Young Is My Love/East Of West Berlin in 1960. They also appeared as musicians in the TV series "Make Room for Daddy" and "Shindig!" In 1965, they recorded The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle for the new color episodes of Gilligan's Island, replacing The Wellingtons. Their whereabouts are unrevealed.

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