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The Castaways is the island resort owned by Mr. Howell and located on the same island on which he was stranded for several years. Lacking cars, telephones and electricity (except for a secret phone for emergency), the resort has been set up for guests to experience the same conditions the Castaways experienced during their time on the Island. The Castaways most likely had their own bungalows on the island; Gilligan and the Skipper had their original hut rebuilt replete with their original hammocks. The Howells possibly stayed on the island full time, with Mr. Howell possibly departing from time to time for business meetings on the main land.

The resort's exact size and scope is unrevealed. It is known the Howells act as hosts to their guests and hold occasional meetings with the Castaways acting as silent partners to plan functions, gatherings and exchange important news. Each of the Castaways still engage in some form the pursuits that they had or desired in the past. The Skipper and Gilligan escort and welcome guests, Ginger entertains the guests in the island cantina and Mary Ann runs an on-site exercise studio. Other employees include Naheeti, the concierge and the Howell's secretary, who keeps their schedule and appointments.


The resort features a lunch hut known as the Snack Shack. Activities and amenities include fishing, scuba diving, massage and gym facilities and hula contests.

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