Mr. Howell with Teddy

Bio[edit | edit source]

Teddy is the name of Mr. Howell's teddy bear, with whom he sleeps. He speaks to it often, treating it like his ally in conversations with Mrs. Howell or holding it tightly after fights with her, but he also sometimes lends Teddy out to others as a source of security, like Gilligan and The Jungle Boy. Psychologically, the bear possibly represents Mr. Howell's lost childhood since, as a youth, his parents would have kept him busy with strict lessons in etiquette and social skills. In its first appearance on the island in Home Sweet Hut, Mr. Howell seems to be trying to avoid mentioning its existence before Gilligan finds it for him, but he later becomes more open about it. Despite being a physical object, Teddy could almost be considered the eighth castaway. Mr. Howell even uses Teddy to swat at Gilligan when The Mosquitoes visit the island. However, by time the Castaways are finally rescued, Teddy looks remarkable different, perhaps after being patched and repaired over several years.

Episode(s)[edit | edit source]

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