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Supremium is a luminescent element that exists on the island. Its exact properties and placement on the Periodic Chart of Elements are unknown. Its luminescent property seems to place it in the area of the radon or radium area of elements, but it has a very low radioactive count making it easily handled. It can be processed into a power source that allows machinery to work at peak efficiency. Removed from its natural surroundings, Supremium tends to become unstable, causing a chemical reaction that causes it to explode.
It is not exactly clear as to who discovered Supremium. J.J. Pierson claims he found it while exploring the caves at The Castaways Resort but Gilligan also has a sample he uses as a nightlight. Pierson's experiments at Pierson Industries under Dr. Olga Smetna reveal Supremium's potential as a power source, encouraging Pierson to attempt to seize the island for its natural resources. This ploy, however, fails when Pierson has his robots over-mine the Supremium and remove it from its natural location, causing it to explode and leave no existing samples.

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