The Supply Hut in the First Season

Bio[edit | edit source]

The Supply Hut is the storage building of all the Castaways supplies, food, freshwater, tools and objects salvaged from the S.S. Minnow. It was the third hut constructed after the second Communal Hut before the creation of the individual huts. Once a small disheveled booth with an uneven hut, it was probably damaged by a storm or repaired for some reason, because it ends up larger with a wooden door and higher ceiling. It also becomes known as the Professor's hut as he sleeps here, but this is mostly because he can do his experiments here and read without loud noises and distractions, often treating the others here for maladies and injuries (mostly Gilligan). The girls sometimes use it as a food prep area, especially in Mr. and Mrs. ???. He also lends it out on occasion to visitors like Lord Beasley Waterford. Gilligan also uses it to hide things he collects on the island, such as a large pile of feathers. Mr. Howell briefly moves into it during a fight with Mrs. Howell, calling it "Harvard Club Annex."

The Supply Hut interior - Second and Third Seasons

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The hut is identified by a heavy wood door with a small window and one window. It's filled with several boxes and crates including the foot locker and previous inventions, such as part of the valve system Gilligan used in Operation: Steam Heat. The Professor has a small table here used to conduct experiments through the use of a small lab. It is located extremely close to the Howell's Hut as seen in Love Me, Love My Skipper. In early episodes, it appears located much closer to the lagoon with part of its thatched roof over the entrance that had to be lifted up to enter and exit, but it must have been demolished by a storm because it ends up further inland in later episodes and more fortified to keep chimpanzees from carting off supplies.

Episode(s)[edit | edit source]

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