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This is the third of the three seasons of the classic 1964 to 1967 TV sitcom, Gilligan's Island, about seven castaways who have wrecked their boat on a deserted island. The opening sequence was slightly altered with the wreck of the Minnow laying flat instead of diagonally, and Madame Swee Lo's was attributed in the closing credits as providing Natalie Schafer's wardrobe. Several episodes started before the opening theme and were also expanded to feature more of the main characters in the plots, and more dream sequences were created. The season began September 12, 1966 and lasted thirty episodes until the season ended on April 17, 1967. At the time, Gilligan's Island was going into a Fourth Season, but it was removed from the CBS schedule at the last minute to make room for the long-running series, "Gunsmoke." Sherwood Schwartz had plans for more episodes to be made at the time of cancellation.
The original opening for Season 3 was different than syndicated airings. When the show went into syndication, the third opening sequence used the same as in Season 2, the only difference being a closer-up angle of the S.S. Minnow. The original opening remains unavailable.

Main Cast for the Season[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Gilligan vampire.jpg Up at Bat September 12, 1966 69 3.01
Gilligan is bitten by a bat and thinks he will turn into a vampire. He worries he might hurt someone when he turns.
Gi67.jpg Gilligan vs. Gilligan September 19, 1966 70 3.02
Gilligan finds a stranger on the Island who looks just like him then takes him captive and replaces him!
G15.jpg Pass the Vegetables, Please September 26, 1966 71 3.03
After the Castaways eat vegetables grown from experimentally irradiated seeds they find they possess super powers. Is there a cure? Will they ever be normal again?
Gi84.png The Producer October 3, 1966 72 3.04
A big Hollywood producer lands on the Island and offends Ginger. It's up to the others to prove to him Ginger is the actress she says she is.
Gi65.jpg Voodoo October 10, 1966 73 3.05
A Voodoo witch doctor lands on the Island curses the Professor for insulting him.
G55.png Where There's a Will October 17, 1966 74 3.06
Mr. Howell puts the Castaways in his will then becomes convinced they're trying to kill him.
Gi12.png Man with a Net October 24, 1966 75 3.07
A prominent butterfly collector lands on the Island, but no one can get his attention to help them get rescued.
Gi11.jpg Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow October 31, 1966 76 3.08
Gilligan's hair turns white then falls out altogether!
Gi22.jpg Ring Around Gilligan November 7, 1966 77 3.09
Dr. Balinkoff returns to the Island and casts a spell on the Castaways through another invention.
Gi68.jpg Topsy-Turvy November 14, 1966 78 3.10
Gilligan bumps his head and starts seeing everything upside down. When he drinks the Professors "cure," he sees two of everything, then five of everything. Meanwhile, headhunters are capturing everyone else.
Gi76.png The Invasion November 21, 1966 79 3.11
Gilligan hooks a top secret attachė case from the government while fishing. The Castaways argue who will open it first.
Gi97.png The Kidnapper November 28, 1966 80 3.12
Mrs. Howell is abducted by a stranger on the Island.
Gi73.png And Then There Were None December 5, 1966 81 3.13
Mary Ann disappears while hanging the laundry, and the Professor suspects someone has snapped from the stress of the Island.
Gi79.jpg All About Eva December 12, 1966 82 3.14
A woman turns up on the Island who has more than a passing resemblance to Ginger.
Gi78.jpg Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho December 26, 1966 83 3.15
The Skipper and Professor decide they need law and order on the Island.
Gi55.jpg Take a Dare January 2, 1967 84 3.16
A Radio Contest strands a contestant along with the Castaways.
Gilligan pirate.jpg Court-Martial January 9, 1967 85 3.17
The Skipper hears he's being held responsible for the shipwreck.
Gi02.png The Hunter January 16, 1967 86 3.18
A hunter comes up on the island wanting to hunt Gilligan.
G17.jpg Lovey's Secret Admirer January 23, 1967 87 3.19
Mrs. Howell has a secret admirer.
Tongo.jpg Our Vines Have Tender Apes January 30, 1967 88 3.20
An ape-man terrorizes the Castaways.
G12.jpg Gilligan's Personal Magnetism February 6, 1967 89 3.21
Lightning turns Gilligan into a magnet.
G29.jpg Splashdown February 20, 1967 90 3.22
A NASA spacecraft lands on the island.
Gi844.png High Man on the Totem Pole February 27, 1967 91 3.23
Gilligan discovers he might be descended from head-hunters.
Mary ann74.jpg The Second Ginger Grant March 6, 1967 92 3.24
Mary Ann turns into Ginger.
Gi87.png The Secret of Gilligan's Island March 13, 1967 93 3.25
A prehistoric tablet might tell how to get off the island.
G57.png Slave Girl March 20, 1967 94 3.26
Gilligan saves a native girl who makes him her master.
Gi89.png It's a Bird, It's a Plane March 27, 1967 95 3.27
A jet pack offers the Castaways a chance of rescue.
G16.png The Pigeon April 3, 1967 96 3.28
A pigeon lands on the island that might take a message off the island.
G13.jpg Bang! Bang! Bang! April 10, 1967 97 3.29
A box of plastic washes up on the island which turns out to be useful until it turns out to be explosive.
G11.jpg Gilligan the Goddess April 17, 1967 98 3.30
A Native king lands on the island looking for a White Goddess that might be Gilligan.
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