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Summary[edit | edit source]

This is the second of the three seasons of the classic 1964 to 1967 TV sitcom, Gilligan's Island, about seven castaways, who have wrecked their boat on a deserted island. The season began September 16, 1965 and was marked by a number of changes, most notably being filmed in color, a choice by Sherwood Schwartz to show off the series locale. Production also moved to save costs from Hawaii to CBS Studios (now Columbia Studios) in Los Angeles, California, which had a huge lagoon built on the local parking lot. The Professor and Mary Ann were also added to the opening theme (per Bob Denver's request), and the Howell's hut was rebuilt to one with double doors and twin beds rather than the two-room hut of Season 1.

Main Cast for the Season[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
G51.jpg Gilligan's Mother-In-Law September 16, 1965 37 2.01
A native girl wants to marry Gilligan, but what will happen when her jealous former suitor shows up on the island and demands a duel for her hand in marriage? Will Gilligan survive?
Gi90.png Beauty Is As Beauty Does September 23, 1965 38 2.02
When Gilligan suggests the Island hold a beauty contest, he unwittingly sets himself up as the deciding vote. Who will win the first Miss Castaway beauty contest?
G20.png The Little Dictator September 30, 1965 39 2.03
When El Presidente Pancho Hernando Gonzales Enrico Rodriguez of Ecuarico is exiled on the island, he foments a revolution and convinces Gilligan to become his puppet leader. This episode is in effect a satire of the military politics of many Latin American countries during the 1960s. Nehemiah Persoff guest stars.
Mars-Cam.jpg Smile You're On Mars Camera October 7, 1965 40 2.04
A Mars Lander accidentally crashes on the island instead of landing on Mars. However the camera doesn't work until -thanks to Gilligan-the castaways are covered in glue and feathers. The castaways are then mistaken for chicken people on Mars. As punishment for messing up another rescue, Gilligan becomes a human cuckoo clock bird!
G22.jpg The Sweepstakes October 14, 1965 41 2.05
Gilligan wins the lottery, joins the Howells' club, and then loses the ticket.
G25.jpg Quick Before It Sinks October 28, 1965 42 2.06
The Professor mistakenly believes that the island is sinking when Gilligan uses the Professor's high water measuring stick to mark the lobster traps.
Castaway Pictures.jpg Castaways Pictures Presents November 4, 1965 43 2.07
Gilligan discovers a sunken ship in the lagoon. The ship is only half there, but the cargo is intact: two crates of movie production equipment and costumes from Exit South Seas Film Productions and Castaways Pictures. The group uses the equipment to make a movie about themselves and their predicament in hopes that it will spark a rescue. Instead, the film wins a Cannes Film Festival Award.
G70.png Agonized Labor November 11, 1965 44 2.08
News comes over the radio that the Howells are broke, and they are not happy about the news!
G21.jpg Nyet, Nyet - Not Yet November 18, 1965 45 2.09
Two Russian Cosmonauts land on the island. The castaways hope it will lead to a rescue. For once Gilligan does something right when he switches water for vodka, but in the end he still messes things up as usual.
G89.png Hi-Fi Gilligan November 25, 1965 46 2.10
Gilligan's mouth becomes a radio when a filling in a tooth is knocked loose. Just in time too, as the regular radio is broken and a monster typhoon is on its way.
Gi86.png The Chain Of Command December 2, 1965 47 2.11
If hostile natives attack - and the Skipper is missing - Gilligan becomes the leader! Are the castaways still doomed?
Mosquitoes.jpg Don't Bug The Mosquitoes December 9, 1965 48 2.12
The music sensation "The Mosquitoes" land on the island for much needed peace and quiet. What they get instead are the girls having formed a group of their own, "The Honeybees".
G53.png Gilligan Gets Bugged December 16,1965 49 2.13
Gilligan has been bitten by the dreaded, and deadly, Mantis Khani. Now he has 24 hours to live. The problem is, the Mantis Khani only travels in swarms of thousands of bugs. Soon everyone is bitten.
G66.png Mine Hero December 23, 1965 50 2.14
Gilligan catches a WWII mine while fishing. Now they must get rid of it before it destroys them all.
Gilligan's island. ETSR..jpg Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue December 30, 1965 51 2.15
Socialite Erika Tiffany-Smith arrives on the island, looking for a place to build a resort. But instead she falls in love with, and becomes engaged to, the Professor. Once she returns to civilization, however, Smith's logbook can't help the castaways - not only are the directions hopelessly vague, but it's written in Hungarian.
Gi99.jpg Not Guilty January 6, 1966 52 2.16
Who killed Randolph Blake? According to a newspaper that washed ashore, one of the castaways did it the night before the fateful three-hour tour. So they recreate the crime in order to find out who among them is the murderer. Al Schottelkotte has a unseen cameo as himself as the radio announcer
Gi97.jpg You've Been Disconnected January 13,1966 53 2.17
An international telephone communications cable washes ashore! Can the castaways use it to call for help?
G24.jpg The Postman Cometh January 20, 1966 54 2.18
Gilligan and the Skipper hear on the radio that Mary Ann's boyfriend is getting married. Wondering how to break the news to her, the two go to the Professor and Mr. Howell. Gilligan, Skipper, and the Professor attempt to woo her, but Mary Ann believes they are trying to tell her she has eaten poisonous mushrooms!
G23.jpg Seer Gilligan January 27, 1966 55 2.19
Gilligan has found a bush that provides seeds that enable anyone who eats the seeds to read people's minds.
Gi85.png Love Me, Love My Skipper February 3, 1966 56 2.20
The Howells are planning a cotillion, but Mr. Howell accidentally loses the Skipper's invitation.
Gill-Bot.jpg Gilligan's Living Doll February 10, 1966 57 2.21
A robot lands on the island, and the castaways must figure out how to use him to get rescued. Watch out for Gilligan's lucky rabbit's foot, which will magically reappear in episode 3.05.
G56.png Forward March February 17, 1966 58 2.22
Someone is shelling the castaways with hand grenades. It turns out that a gorilla has found a stash of WWII weapons in a cave.
G98.jpg Ship Ahoax February 24, 1966 59 2.23
When island Madness threatens to destroy harmony on the island, Ginger uses a crystal ball to give everyone something to hope for.
G28.jpg Feed the Kitty March 3, 1966 60 2.24
A cage carrying a lion washes off a ship and onto the island. Gilligan befriends it by pulling a thorn from its paw. The castaways then decide to stage a circus.
Gi91.jpg Operation: Steam Heat March 10, 1966 61 2.25
Gilligan finds a thermal vent and soon everyone has piping hot water. But the Professor isn't so excited because this means there is an active volcano on the island.
G18.jpg Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? March 17, 1966 62 2.26
Mr. Howell has a double back home spending his money. When the gent goes on a cruise, guess where he lands? The real Mr. Howell twice attempts to swim the Pacific to stop the impostor.
Gi 97.png Ghost a Go-Go March 24, 1966 63 2.27
Gilligan believes the island is haunted by a ghost, but no one believes him until they see it for themselves.
G19.jpg Allergy Time March 31, 1966 64 2.28
First the Skipper then the rest of the castaways develop an allergy to Gilligan.
G52.png The Friendly Physician April 7, 1966 65 2.29
Mad scientist Dr. Boris Balingkoff "rescues" the castaways, but in reality, he kidnaps them to his own nearby island for mind transfer experiments..
V Epi.jpg V for Vitamins April 14, 1966 66 2.30
Gilligan must guard the last precious orange when the Professor determines that the castaways are in need of vitamins.
Mr and Mrs.jpg Mr. and Mrs. ??? April 21, 1966 67 2.31
The radio announces that the minister who married the Howells was a phony, so they aren't really married. When they attempt to get remarried by the Skipper in a ceremony "at sea" in the middle of the lagoon, havoc ensues and they break up instead. So Mr. Howell takes Ginger on a date, while Miss Wentworth dates the Professor; each in an effort to make the other jealous.
Meet-the-Meteor.jpg Meet the Meteor April 28, 1966 68 2.32
When a meteor crash lands on the Island, the cosmic rays it gives off rapidly age eveything from trees to people! The Castaways will be 50 years older in a week if they don't find a way out of the situation.
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