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Randolph Blake is a native of Winfield, Kansas, Mary Ann's hometown, and a person in common in all the pasts of the Castaways. An unsavory character of loose morals, he was partners with Mary Ann's father in a business that went bankrupt, leaving him broke. In college, he attended classes in marine biology with the Professor, claiming one of his papers as his own. Blake later turned up in Hollywood, where he dated several girls, including Ginger, who he broke up with claiming he was going to get married. He later turned up in Honolulu, managing a boating equipment shop owned by Howell Industries, one of the few losing money as Blake embezzled money to fuel his lifestyle. Mrs. Howell confesses she never cared for him either. He was confronted by each of them in Honolulu in the days before the three-hour cruise that shipwrecked them in the South Pacific. The authorities found Blake murdered by a spear gun from the shop, prompting the police to search for survivors of the S.S. Minnow in case their disappearance was used as a cover-up, or if they had all boarded the Minnow in an attempt to flee the forthcoming murder investigation. The charges against everyone were later dismissed. It was determined Blake's death was not a homicide but accidental. He had carelessly left a loaded spear gun on the wall, which activated when the door slammed shut and caused it to fall off the wall and fire, thus impaling him.

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