Olga with J.J. Pierson, Gilligan and the Howell's Secretary

Bio[edit | edit source]

Olga Smetna is a scientist for Pierson Industries. She studies the Supremium that J.J. Pierson finds on the island and discovers it has a source of energy that benefits the company. Unfortunately, in order for them to mine it, they must obtain legal custody of the mining rights on the island, and they con the castaways to sign away their rights. Smetna promises fake jobs to the Skipper and Professor into signing away their rights, but when Gilligan exposes their scheme, Pierson offers a wager for the rights with Thurston Howell IV over a basketball game between The Harlem Globetrotters and Smetna's New Invincibles. However, this game is only a distraction as other robots secretly mine the Supremium. After losing the game, Smetna is reminded by the Professor that Supremium is unstable out of its natural habitat, blowing up Pierson's yacht and destroying all samples.

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