Bio[edit | edit source]

Mashuka is the divine headhunter-god of the Kupaki natives. His likeness has been immortalized on the Kupaki Totem Pole located on the island. Because of his resemblance to the deity, Gilligan starts to believe the figure might be an ancestor of his.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Other gods or divine beings mentioned on Gilligan's Island are Kona, Watubi, Winomi and Metuzar.
  • When Gilligan appears as Mashuka, the Kupaki warriors call him Burma Mashuka, but it is unknown if "burma" is a title (like "ra" to the Egyptians) or an extension of his name.
  • Ironically, Gilligan really does get passed off as a fire god in Slave Girl.

Episode(s)[edit | edit source]

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