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King Kaliwani


King Kaliwani is the chief of a nearby Papuan native tribe on an island to the west regularly visited by cargo ships. This is possibly where he picked up his island savage-flavored conversational English. Married to thirty-three brides, he also received a disposable lighter which he calls an "eternal flame," backed by a supply of "eternal flame lighter fluid." He arrives on the island by outrigger canoe along with two other Papua island natives in search of a "White Goddess," a ritual volcano sacrifice on his island. Although initially opposed to the idea, Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell are willing to fill the role until they hear the purpose. Eager to make it to Kaliwani's island for the ships, the Professor passes off Gilligan as a woman, but the king is so smitten with him that he opts to keep Gilligan for himself. The Castaways try saving him, but Gilligan distracts him to escape on his own, leaving behind his disguise and completely terrifying King Kaliwani to flee the island with his guards.


  • King Kaliwani was played by character actor Stanley Adams, best known as Cyrano Jones from the classic "Star Trek" episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles."
  • King Kaliwani also has the titles of Emperor of Eternal Night, Knight of Eternal Day, Seeker of Eternal Truth, Lord of Eternal Eternities and Keeper of the Eternal Flame.
  • Both Stanley Adams and previous "Gilligan's Island" co-star Michael Forest have appeared on "Star Trek."
  • King Kaliwani has a lot in common with Ugundi and Kilani inasmuch as their primitive beliefs leave them to be easily terrified.
  • Polynesian natives have brown eyes; Stanley Adams has blue eyes.