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Kilani greeted by the Professor.


Kilani is a lovely Native girl who canoes into the lagoon of the island. After her canoe overturns, she is rescued and revived by Gilligan to whom she now vows a life debt. She follows Gilligan around serving him and doing his chores, much to the jealousy of the girls and the Howells. Meanwhile, the Professor learns she is from the local Matoba tribe and speaks to her in her native tongue. Going by her customs, Mr. Howell wins her as a servant from Gilligan in a faked fencing joust, just in time for her suitor, Ugundi to come looking for her and reclaim her. With Gilligan still alive, Kilani still belongs to him, and Ugundi wants to fight Gilligan to reclaim her. The Professor schemes to save Gilligan by using curare to place Gilligan in a death-like sleep until Ugundi and Kilani depart, but the castaways have to stall for time when Ugundi wants to burn Gilligan's remains. However, after much time, Gilligan awakes from "being dead" and terrifies Kilani and Ugundi off the island.


  • Kilani was played by Japanese actress Midori.