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Jonathan Kincaid is a sportsman and big game hunter who travels through the South Pacific with his guide Ramoo and arrives on the island looking for fresh game on his hunting trip through the islands. When he arrives on the island and discovers the castaways, he finds an opportunity that seems to finally quench his competitive edge. Interested in hunting a human being able to think and outmaneuver him, he eliminates the Skipper for being too easy a target, Mr. Howell for being a stuffed shirt, the Professor for not being enough of a challenge and the girls for not being worth his time.

When he announces his plans to hunt Gilligan the next day, the Castaways are shocked, but he promises to rescue them if Gilligan can elude him for 24 hours. Removing the transistors from the radio in his helicopter to keep the Professor from using it, Kincaid has Ramoo take the Castaways captive and guard them as he hunts Gilligan through the island and missing him several times. Eventually, the Castaways escape and Kincaid discovers the Skipper and Professor fervently trying to stop him from shooting a tree, but by time Kincaid realizes they're hiding Gilligan in the tree, his watch alarm goes off. Bound by his sportsmanship, he calls off the hunt, but he refuses to stay true to his word to rescue the Castaways for fear they will report him to the authorities. A few weeks later, Kincaid shoots a perfect score of 100% while trap shooting, but the victory only reminds him of his failure to bag Gilligan, and he has a nervous breakdown, getting committed to the state mental hospital.