Bio[edit | edit source]

Johnny (last name unknown) was a young sailor hired by Erika Tiffany Smith to sail her around the small islands of the South Pacific looking for an island to build her resort. When they arrived at the Castaway's island, he brought her ashore in a small boat (# CF 4503 CL), and promised to come back for her after leaving her. After lifting her ashore, Erika appeared enamored of him, promising to keep him around. However, he might not have been a professional sailor and instead a random fling since he wasn't able to find the island again to rescue the Castaways.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Johnny was played by actor Michael Witney.
  • Sherwood Schwartz once jokingly implied that Johnny died quickly after the episode to explain why the Navy couldn't find the island again.

Episode(s)[edit | edit source]

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