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Igor and Ginger


Igor is a Russian cosmonaut who completed 679 orbits around the Earth with Ivan, another cosmonaut in the Russian space program. In his ascent to Earth, he and Ivan come down into the lagoon of Gilligan's Island where he is met by the Professor and the castaways. Not believing their stories of being shipwrecked, he forbids them entry to their spacecraft, but he is easily vamped by Ginger, leaving the capsule unguarded and returning later to find Gilligan and the Professor in it. Although the Professor fixes the radio they shorted out, Igor conspires with Ivan to leave the castaways behind when they depart, producing two bottles of vodka stashed in the craft. However, Gilligan overhears them and arranges one of the bottles to be filled with water. The Castaways easily drink Igor and Ivan under the table and leave them to be found by their retrieval team, but by time they get back the next morning, Igor and Ivan have been picked up and the castaways have been abandoned once again.