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Harold Hecuba


Harold Hecuba is a loud, brash, demanding and obnoxious movie producer in a plaid jacket. After his private plane crashes, he winds up on the island with himself in one boat and his belongings in a second boat. On arrival, he starts making demands for a car and lodging from Gilligan and the Skipper, requests that turn futile as they're on a deserted island. Promising to rescue them in his film crew's plane, he soon has everyone jumping to please him, except the Howells who are unimpressed until he takes over their hut and makes them servants. Ginger meanwhile tries to impress him with her acting ability, but he's only amused by her effort and laughs at her. Shattered, she now refuses to be rescued. Desperate to prove Ginger's talent and make themselves valuable to Hecuba, the Castaways put on a musical production of Hamlet to impress him, but Hecuba is such a perfectionist that he takes it over and half of the roles, passing out on the makeshift stage. Early the next morning, Hecuba disappears at the early dawn when his crew arrives, leaving the island with the Castaways musical Hamlet to produce himself.


  • Harold Hecuba was played by actor Phil Silvers of "Sergeant Bilko" fame.