Gilligan's Island Wiki

The Gilligan's Island Wikia Site is a site dedicated to the actors, characters and episodes of the Sixties TV Series, "Gilligan's Island." As such there are a few guidelines to be revealed to make this site easier to update. Here are a few expectations to keep the format of this website constant and presentable.

All Pages

  • Please do not alter or add to the format of the templates.
  • No personal comments in the bios or summaries, please; this applies to descriptions of Ginger and Mary Ann and comments on Gilligan's character. Please reserve such commentary to the comment sections.
  • No profanity or objectionable language will be allowed.


  • The major characters have specific formats; the minor characters have a separate format.
  • Trivia has its own section.
  • Images of the characters from the series if possible; unseen characters mentioned but not seen receive the series logo matching the appropriate season.
  • Characters receive categories regarding status in the series and place in the series.


  • The cast members and recurring actors have specific formats; the guest stars have a separate format.
  • Even if there is no biographical info on a character, please format what info there is in an original biographical format if possible.
  • Anyone plagiarizing biographical info from Wikipedia will be removed from this site.
  • Non-series image of the actors preferred.
  • Actors receive categories regarding actor or actress, main cast or supporting and current status.


  • This site includes brief summaries and episode plot lines.
  • Minor plot points are best summarized in the Character Trivia sections instead of in the Episode Synopsis.
  • Episodes receive categories regarding season and recurring series themes.


  • Please check if there is pre-existing page of any invention or object you are adding; some especially minor details have already been included in other descriptions.
  • Inventions use a specific template.
  • These subjects receive categories similar to other such like items or locations.