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The Howells play a round of golf


Golf is a precision-sport appreciated mostly by the wealthy and the elite. Although it originated in 15th Century Scotland, it may have its origins in much older games going back to the Roman Empire. Mr. Howell has a great fondness for the game of golf, probably because he can use the sport as an excuse to manage and dicker over business affairs. He has such a fondness for the game that he refuses to allow his predicament of being stranded on an island hamper his love for the game; he recreates a set of clubs from materials found on the island and sets up a golf course in a clearing somewhere near the huts. The Howell Country Club is possibly somewhere near the course. Mr. Howell also tries teaching the game to Mrs. Howell and Gilligan, who ends up winning over three million dollars in a series of wagers. However, most of the time, Gilligan serves as his caddy. XR-1000 also serves as a caddy in one episode.


  • Bamboo shafts
  • Sea shell club heads
  • Bamboo golf bag