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Ginger's Stage is a large platform area with a wood deck and thatched surroundings that Ginger uses to keep honing, practicing and rehearsing her acting skills. Used to entertain the other castaways, it was first built to prove Ginger's acting skills in a play called A Pyramid Built For Two to Mr. Howell in hopes he would finance it upon getting rescued. It also serves in a castaways-produced musical version of "Hamlet" to Harold Hecuba, a rescue attempt that fails. In between plays and shows, it's also used in pursuits to keep morale up, such as a beauty contest, a séance and even a concert by The Mosquitoes followed by their own attempts to create music groups. One of Ginger's performances ends up impressing Mary Ann so much that she becomes Ginger after falling and hitting her head. She then tries to put on a show herself, passing out and restoring her identity.