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Gilligan's Planet was a Saturday morning cartoon produced by the Filmation animation studio division of MGM/UA Television. Following The New Adventures of Gilligan, it aired during the 1982-1983 season of CBS, and it was the last Saturday-morning cartoon by Filmation before they went exclusively into syndication. It was created during the space craze that permeated several Saturday morning animated shows during the 1970s and early 1980s. Dawn Wells returned for this iteration and voiced both Mary Ann and Ginger. The series was also the final Saturday morning cartoon to feature a laugh track.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Professor manages to build a spaceship in an attempt to get the Castaways rescued, only to get stuck on another planet, encountering aliens and other space travelers while the Professor tried to fix their spacecraft in an effort to get back to Earth. The terrain of the planet was considered surprisingly similar to the castaways' island, albeit with odd sand and oddly colored palm trees with assorted strange creatures and alien relics.

Theme Song[edit | edit source]

Like The New Adventures of Gilligan, Filmation used a different variation of the familiar live-action theme song using a spoken word-like song of the Castaways, this time heading to space.

Skipper - "We've got a brand new story about the Castaways!"
Ginger - "We left our tiny island after years and months and days."
Professor - "We built a little spaceship. It's crude but it could fly!"
Mrs. Howell - "We left home and lost our way between the stars and sky!"
Thurston Howell III - "We went from an island to a star, lost on Gilligan's Planet."
Skipper - "With Gilligan and Skipper, the Millionaire, his Wife..."
Mary Ann - "...The Movie Star, the Professor and Mary Ann began a brand new life."
Professor - "What creatures we encounter... What riddles do we face?"
Mrs. Howell - "What mysteries now haunt us in a strange, enchanting place?"
Thurston Howell III - "Our adventures are the best by far."
Gilligan - "Here on Gilligan's Star." [The Cast] "Planet!" [Gilligan] "Oh, yeah..."

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Gilligans planet.jpg I Dream of Genie September 18, 1982 01 1.01
Gilligan becomes master of a robot that grants wishes.
Gilligans planet.jpg Turnabout Is Fair Play September 25, 1982 02 1.02
The Skipper decides he doesn't want to do women's work..
Gilligans planet.jpg Let Sleeping Minnows Lie October 2, 1982 03 1.03
The Castaways build a boat to cheer-up the Skipper.
Gilligans planet.jpg Journey to the Center of Gilligan's Planet October 9, 1982 04 1.04
The Professor suggests the Castaways explore the interior of the island.
Gilligans planet.jpg Amazing Colossal Gilligan October 16, 1982 05 1.05
Gilligan falls into a strange crater and grows into a giant.
Gilligans planet.jpg Bumper To Bumper October 23, 1982 06 1.06
Gilligan's pet alien named Bumper disappears and he goes in search for him.
Gilligans planet.jpg Room to Boom October 30, 1982 07 1.07
Mary ann develops an infatuation for Gilligan.
Gilligans planet.jpg Too Many Gilligans November 6, 1982 08 1.08
The Skipper finds an alien cloning device which makes duplicates of Gilligan. 
Gilligans planet.jpg Space Pirates November 13, 1982 09 1.09
Pirates kidnap the Castaways, leaving only Gilligan to rescue them.
Gilligans planet.jpg Invaders of the Lost Barque November 20, 1982 10 1.10
The Castaways become addicted to a strange alien board game.
Gilligans planet.jpg Wings November 27, 1982 11 1.11
No one believes Gilligan when he rescued by an angel-like alien.
Gilligans planet.jpg Super-Gilligan December 4, 1982 12 1.12
Gilligan gets super-powers from an extra-terrestral cape.
Gilligans planet.jpg Gilligan's Army December 11, 1982 13 1.13
Gilligan plays with a group of robots who try protecting him from the other Castaways.
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