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Gilligan's glue boiled down from rubber trees.


Gilligan's Glue is an island concoction derived from the tree sap from the native trees on the island, serving as a temporary to permanent cement for the Castaways. Originally serving as syrup for Mary Ann's pancakes, the sap was noticed by the Professor to have peculiar adhesive properties that allowed them to repair the S.S. Minnow temporarily, but Gilligan eventually noticed it turned to powder and lose cohesion, resulting in the Minnow falling apart. (It also seemed to soak into the wood hull of the Minnow, giving it a malleable rubber-like consistency.)
Due to its incredibly tactile properties, the glue was a notorious nuisance when it was used. Gilligan had stepped in a bucket of the glue during the attempt to fix the Minnow. With much struggle, he was able to free his right foot without loss of shoe. In an effort to hide his glue-encased foot from the Skipper, he haphazardly placed his foot behind his other leg and inadvertently fused his sneaker to the Minnow's hull. The Skipper attempted to help Gilligan free his shoe from the hull with much strain, but their efforts were thwarted by Gilligan's socked foot sliding out of his sneaker. Ultimately, Gilligan and Skipper became attached to the Minnow covered with glue. The Professor was able to dissolve the bond with perfume from Ginger and Mrs. Howell. Over time, the Professor refined the sap from the rubber trees on the island, allowing him to repair the lens to the Mars Probe and create parts for the Island Telephone. Gilligan also discovers how to dip his hands in it to make gloves and to use it to create water-tight seals in his bamboo hot water pipes leading from the volcano. The quick cohesion properties of the glue also caused the Skipper to lose his socks and sneakers in it after pooling on the ground. Mary Ann's right stiletto high heel got trapped in it while dancing during the beauty contest, and she had to perform with only wore one shoe for the remainder of the contest. Evidently, the construction of the stage for the contest included using the glue because a bucket of it was resting beside the stage's stairs. Previously, the Skipper had almost stepped into the bucket and laughingly quipped to Mr. Howell about almost stepping into the glue, inspiring Mr. Howell to sabotage Mary Ann's dance routine by pouring glue on the stage.

The rubber-like property of the solid glue


  • In Beauty Is as Beauty Does, the Skipper miraculously does not step into the puddle of glue on the stage when going back to his seat even though the glue was right in front of the steps.


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