The Eye of the Idol

Bio[edit | edit source]

The Eye of the Idol was a wish-granting stone Gilligan found while digging a lobster trap near the lagoon. Seemingly recognizing it, the Skipper says it was stolen from the idol of the god, Metuzar, and lost, but the Professor calls it a cheap cat's eye gem worth about 11 dollars. However, Gilligan wishes for chocolate ice cream and French vanilla ice cream, both of which float into the lagoon. Briefly losing the gem, Gilligan also wishes everyone off the island, sending them all drifting into the lagoon on a patch of land. That night, Gilligan pretends to toss the gem into the woods, with even the Professor rushing off to find it and become its next owner.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In addition to Metuzar, other gods or divine beings mentioned on Gilligan's Island include Kona, Watubi and Winomi.

Episode(s)[edit | edit source]

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