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The Communal Hut is the original island residence of the castaways before everyone went off to create their own huts. Everyone had a part in building it. The Howell's take the doors, the Professor helped create the roof and the girl's take the walls, although Gilligan insists part of the roof belongs to the Howells. Unfortunately, this is not ideal living quarters for everyone as the Howells bickering wakes everyone up at night. It doesn't last long; the land around it getting washed out by a storm and stranding everyone in small patch of land surrounded by the lagoon.

Eventually, constant bickering from the ladies results in the construction of the individual huts. If the Communal Hut was rebuilt after getting lost in the Lagoon, it was possibly taken apart to rebuild the later indivdual huts or converted into the Boy's Hut in President Gilligan. It should be noted in its first exterior glimpse, an image of the original Supply Hut is used.


The simplest structure so far, the Communal Hut was a large thatched structure supported by bamboo and covered in layers of palm fronds. It was large enough that everyone could sleep comfortably in it separated by blankets and tarps held up as curtains.