The Castaways

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Through the series, it has always been questioned as to why the Howells and the girls brought along so many clothes for what was just supposed to be a three-hour tour. The answer lies in the fact that in the original pilot, the Skipper and Gilligan were actually running a six-hour excursion service that transported tourists, something that was changed to a "three-hour tour" when the pilot became a series. However, through the series, several episodes have resolved the fact that the Howells have always had to be prepared for the right clothes for the right situation. (A buried plot point might suggest that Mr. Howell tried to rent the S.S. Minnow from the Skipper to help transport his luggage to a location outside Honolulu. Excess clothes have also been recovered from crates that washed up on the island, such as the magician's trunk in It's Magic and a crate of clothes rejected by the Salvation Army prior to Bang! Bang! Bang!.) Ignoring costumes like the surgical outfits in A Nose by Any Other Name and the USO outfits from Gilligan the Goddess, the Castaways' wardrobe is as follows:

Gilligan[edit | edit source]

Skipper[edit | edit source]

Mr. Howell[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Howell[edit | edit source]

Ginger[edit | edit source]

(as Mary Ann in The Second Ginger Grant)

  • pink ruffled blouse and blue jeans
  • Mary Ann's red gingham dress

Professor[edit | edit source]

Mary Ann[edit | edit source]

(as Ginger in The Second Ginger Grant)

  • Ginger's leopard top and skirt
  • Ginger's long pink dress (altered)
  • Ginger's long red dress
  • silver and tan dress
  • Ginger's blue glitter dress

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