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The Boy's Hut (exterior) - Year Two


The Boy's Hut is the island residence of Gilligan and the Skipper. It's had a sort of convoluted history. In the beginning, the Skipper seemed to stay in the Supply Hut and leave the second Communal Hut to the Castaways in Voodoo Something to Me as Gilligan was often on guard duty at night, and they were often not sleeping at the same time. After everyone got their own huts and there was doubt in who was running things in President Gilligan, they had an election and the hut with the bamboo door appeared as Gilligan's office, subsequently becoming what is now the Boy's Hut.
Although chiefly Gilligan and the Skipper live in the hut, in Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue, it is suggested they also share it with the Professor when he's not sleeping in the Supply Hut during experiments. It been the scene of several arguments, although none of which as been as bad as the Howells, except on one occasion the boys did resort to drawing a line down the middle of it, forcing Gilligan in and out of the window. Both Gilligan and the Skipper have tried barricading himself in here several times trying to get out of unpleasant tasks, like marrying a certain fat native girl or other chores. Wrongway Feldman has stayed stayed with them, and Mr. Howell sometimes moves in after fights with Mrs. Howell. Gilligan often stores things for the other castaways in here.

Boy's Hut (interior)


The hut is represented by two windows flanking the front entrance, a door made of thin palm reeds with a preserver on it and by one made with wood boards in others. It has two bamboo posts to support their hammocks, which come down often, probably for repairing, and are frequently seen in other positions in the hut. There's a recurring bamboo telescope located under the front window. The Skipper's photo hangs on the wall along with a few shells for decoration or supporting candles. The hut also contains a barrel for fresh water, a small table and chair and an up-right wood crate with a curtain in it where Gilligan stores his things. It's briefly made up as a shop to recreate the murder of Randolph Blake.