Bongo from the Mosquitoes

Bio[edit | edit source]

Bongo is a lead vocalist and guitar player of the Sixties pop group known as The Mosquitoes. Identified by his wild hair, blue shirt and gray pants; he's the first one to back Bango's side in decisions over the best of the band. Bongo is the one who reacts first upon seeing Gilligan, the Skipper and Mr. Howell on the island they believed was deserted. One of Bongo's guitars is destroyed by Ginger and Mary Ann as they vie for a souvenir, and he bolts when the Professor tries using him in an experiment. Like his other band members, his intimidation of the girl's talent as The Honeybees encourages him to leave the castaways on the island.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bongo was played by actor Ed Wade.
  • While all of the Mosquitoes play electric guitars, Ginger and Mary Ann destroy Bongo's acoustic guitar while clamoring for a Mosquitoes souvenir.

Episode(s)[edit | edit source]

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