Birdy The Pen Pal

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Birdy (or "Burty") is an inmate at the Los Angeles County Corrections Institute in Los Angeles, California who collects and raises homing pigeons on the roof of the prison where he is incarcerated. Nothing is known of his past or of the consequences to his imprisonment, but it is known that he communicates long distance by a pigeon with Old Lady Hawkins. After the pigeon is blown off path by a storm, it is named Walter by Gilligan as the Professor uses it to get them rescued. Unfortunately, Birdy has a hard time believing the legitimacy of the letters he believes are still from the Lady Hawkins, even after Mr. Howell sends him a $1000 bill as down payment of a million dollar reward for getting him rescued. Just before receiving a photo of the castaways before the ruins of the S.S. Minnow. Birdy gets the news he's been paroled by a guard, and frees Walter and all his pigeons. His later whereabouts are unknown.

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