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Alexandri Gregor Dubov is an obscure Soviet abstract painter who came to the island sometime in the mid-1950s for peace and solitude from critics and other people who criticized his work. Considered quite a quite stubborn man, he believes himself to "be better than Picasso and Salvador Dali" and is quick to be angry in discovering that no one on the island understands his work. Because of his self-imposed isolation, he is quick to become annoyed when he discovers the castaways shipwrecked on the island, but he is also very laid-back and commanding, forcing Gilligan and the Skipper out of their huts to "take a nap for ten, twelve hours." He goes on to annoy everyone, including the Howells, and making numerous demands, but the castaways struggle to go along with him since he claims to have a transmitter. The only way to get to it is to use Dubov's ego against him to call for art critics to the island over a "portrait" of Ginger, but Gilligan blabs the plans. Mr. Howell then forces Dubov to compete with Gilligan, which insults him so much that he leaves the island on a raft of his paintings, leaving behind a rusted and corroded transmitter that is of no use to anyone.


  • Dubov was played by character actor Harold J. Stone.
  • Dubov seems to be familiar with some of the movie stars from the silent and early talkie era, particularly Mae Busch. It's possible that he also may have done a portrait of her decades before arriving on the island.
  • Dubov wore ripped and tattered clothing as he was on the island ten years before the seven castaways discovered him.
  • Chronologically, Dubov would have arrived on the island around 1953 about the time Jungle Boy might have arrived on the island as an infant. There is no known connection between them.
  • Considering Wrongway Feldman arrived on the island during the 1930s, he might have been aware of Dubov and Jungle Boy on the island, but this is unconfirmed.